Minister of Public Works and Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, Engineer Ali Al-Mousa, has issued a decision to form a committee to regulate the use of charging points for cars and electric bicycles, headed by the Assistant Undersecretary for Customer Services Ahmed Al-Rashidi.

Al-Mousa told a local Arabic daily, “In light of the revolution taking place in the electric car sector and the efforts of many countries in the world to keep pace with the development of infrastructure and charging technologies, it was necessary to pay attention to this aspect to prepare the infrastructure in Kuwait for this new technology.”

He noted that “the committee will be concerned with regulating requirements for car chargers and electric bikes in a manner that preserves the rights of the ministry, as it is the body that produces electric energy in the country.

Al-Mousa explained that “after the committee completes its work of setting standards, controls and recommendations, the matter will be submitted to the Fatwa and Legislation Department for approval, in preparation for the completion of the legislative steps until a law is issued regulating the issue of installing car chargers and electric bicycles.”

He added, that “the acceleration and increasing pace of desire of owning electric cars and bikes in Kuwait made us think about how to organize charging points for users of this type of car,” stressing that “our goal in organizing the regulation is not for profit, but rather to encourage the use of electric cars and facilitate their recharging in order to protect the environment.”

He stated that the committee’s work “will take into account the development of items that are supportive and encouraging for the trend of acquiring cars and electric bikes and working from now on to create the appropriate environment for the issue of cars and electric bikes would save those concerned with this issue a lot of time and effort in the future, especially In light of the anticipated development of the electric vehicle market and charging methods.”

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