A new study concludes that those who suffer from poor sleep, disturbed sleep, and snore while sleeping are more prone than others to lose sight in the future.

The study also found that those who take a daytime nap are up to a fifth more likely to develop glaucoma — a common problem with age that leads to the destruction of the optic nerve that connects the eyes to the brain, and this problem leads to vision loss if it is not diagnosed and treated early enough, reports a local Arabic daily.

According to the study, published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and reported by “Sky News Arabia”, people who snore are more likely to develop “glaucoma” by 10%, while those who suffer from insomnia and have a long or short sleep pattern (for normal range) were 13 percent more likely, compared to those following a healthy sleep pattern.

Scientists attribute the danger to the changes in intraocular pressure that are raised while lying down and when sleep hormones are out of control, which happens, for example, during insomnia.

The researchers examined data on more than 400,000 people in Britain, aged between 40 and 69, for a period of 15 years, focusing on the sleeping habits of these people, and their relationship to their glaucoma.

The study classified those who sleep between 7 to 9 hours a day as having a healthy sleep, and less or more than that considered that they do not sleep well.

The researchers diagnosed 8690 people with glaucoma among the sample, and the majority of injuries were among old men, who had been smoking for one time or suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes.

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