There is a possibility of the Gulf Insurance Group stopping the payments to the medical service providers in the country participating in the health insurance services contracts for retired citizens (Afiya)” due to the failure of the Ministry of Health failure to make good financial obligations of more than 120 million dinars for the past more than 9 months.

A local Arabic daily quoting sources indicated the “Gulf Insurance Group was surprised by the failure of the Ministry of Health to respond to its requests as recently as last February to pay contract obligations for the medical service providers and their urgent need for liquidity in light of the current circumstances.

The sources pointed out that the delay by the ministry in paying the dues the GIG will be unable to fulfil its obligations towards medical service providers and other parties participating in the project.

The sources hoped the Minister of Health will instruct the concerned authorities to pay the money due to the group as soon as possible, so that it can fulfill all its obligations towards all parties to the contract, stressing that it will continue to fulfill its obligations to of all those who hold insurance policies from the GIG away from “Afya”.

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