People with fine texture have more hair on their scalp than others, and with the right styling tips, you can make those fine strands of yours look like the full head of hair that it really is. Ahead are some tips for achieving bigger, thicker hair.

Use a thickening shampoo: Thicker hair starts in the shower with the right shampoo, so no more choosing yours based solely on the way it smells. The best shampoo for fine hair should add body and bounce, so look for descriptors like volumizing, thickening, or lightweight on the label. And forget what you’ve been told about dirty hair being the secret to volume. Frequent cleansing (at least every other day) not only helps to keep your scalp healthy to support hair growth, but it also removes excess oils at the roots. This is especially important for fine or thinning hair, as it easily gets weighed down. Plus, infrequent shampooing can also lead to a flaky scalp which can exacerbate hair loss.

Condition before shampooing: Conditioner is non-negotiable for maintaining healthy, strong hair. If you’re worried the creamy formula will weigh down your strands or make them too soft and slick to hold a style, condition before your shampoo. Washing your hair in the reverse order will create the ideal texture for building volume in your hair.

Use mousse: Mousse gets a bad rap for sometimes being crunchy and sticky, but it’s key for adding volume to otherwise limp hair, whether you’re letting it air-dry or blowing it out. For fine hair, use an egg-size amount and work it evenly through damp hair, roots to ends.

Add a deep conditioner: Breakage is the worst, especially when you have thin, fine hair. As your hair breaks off, your mid-lengths and ends become even thinner, so use a hair mask or deep conditioner to prevent that from happening. Again, do it as a pre-shampoo treatment, and you won’t run the risk of weighing down your hair.

Fill in your roots: They are the key to creating the illusion of thicker hair. Use a tinted powder that matches the color of your roots and a small brush to fill in your hair part or areas where your scalp might show a little more. No one will know the difference.

Use dry shampoo on clean hair: Dry shampoo is obviously great for reviving oily hair, but it also works wonders as a texturizing spray—especially on super-fine strands. When your hair is squeaky clean and lifeless looking, dry shampoo will create day-two texture and grip, which is necessary for when you’re trying to build volume. Just make sure to hold the bottle far enough away so you don’t accidentally overdo it and dull down the shine.

Tease your roots: Teasing or backcombing—or whatever you want to call it—is the ultimate trick for creating volume at your roots. Hold a small section of your hair up and away from your head. On the underside of the section, insert a fine-tooth comb gently push the hairs toward your head (think: the opposite of combing your hair). Then, hairspray each section at the roots. Continue doing this in small sections to create the height and shape you want, and finish by lightly smoothing over the top layer of hair to hide the teasing underneath.


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