Have you ever wondered why restaurant meals taste better than the ones you cook at home? This isn’t always a result of the ingredients used, but often down to selecting the ideal cooking technique for the ingredient at hand. Each component must be perfectly prepared, working in harmony to deliver on both taste and texture.

That’s where the new Philips Air Cooker can lend a helping hand. The first-of-its-kind smart kitchen appliance, with its eight different cooking methods, is designed to help home cooks discover the true meaning of flavour, creativity, and control in the kitchen. With the ability to roast, bake, slow cook, and even sous vide, the Air Cooker has the ability to precisely cook each ingredient to perfection, while retaining nutrients to keep dishes healthy.

Discover a new way to cook, eat and create with the new Philips Air Cooker. Impress friends and family with dishes cooked to perfection, thanks to advanced NutriFlavour technology with Smart Climate Control. The Air Cooker automatically adjusts temperature, humidity and time according to the recipe, eradicating the common challenge of rubbery fish, soggy vegetables, and cakes that are somehow burnt, but still raw in the middle. By retaining up to 90% of vitamins and nutrients as well as natural flavours and textures of fresh produce, there’s no need to choose between taste or health.

Home cooks with an experimental flare can even develop their skills with the help of a savvy sous-chef – the NutriU app. The app will take users on a culinary journey, where they can discover new recipes and learn new cooking techniques. Designed to help users discover the joy of creating healthy, nutritious meals, the app is both easy to use and intuitive. Simply select the recipe you want to prepare on the app and let the Air Cooker do the rest. Not only can the smart appliance automatically set optimal cooking conditions, users can even remotely adjust temperature, humidity and timer settings in real-time through the app.

To really bring the restaurant experience into the family home, Philips has partnered with the world-renowned Kuwaiti chef, Faisal Fahad Al Nashmi, who will be adapting three of his signature dishes for the NutriU app. With a collection of homegrown and regionally inspired eateries across the GCC, such as AlMakan, Table Otto and Street Café Kuwait, Chef Faisal will empower people in Kuwait to create chef-worthy meals at home, irrespective of their skill level.

The Philips Air Cooker is now available for purchase in Xcite stores across Kuwait, for just [249 K.D].

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