The General Investment Authority of Kuwait is closely monitoring the financial markets in the Gulf and Arab regions for attractive investment opportunities. The Authority aims to ensure the maximum returns set by its approved investment strategies, reported Al-Rai Daily.

Sources suggest that there is currently no plan to increase Kuwait’s investments in some Gulf financial markets, such as Saudi or Emirati. The Investment Authority’s exit from its assets in the Arab region is governed by research and discussion with senior partners in each entity or company before Kuwait invests.

This policy is distinct from its approach to investments in global markets, where shares in listed groups, companies, and banks can be exited if targets are reached. Regarding the rumors about the possibility of an imminent sale of the Authority’s share in Arab African Bank, sources report that there are currently no plans to exit or increase the stake.

The Authority’s executive management is constantly monitoring the developments occurring in the regional and global markets of their respective portfolios managed by specialized organizations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of expanding into specific foreign markets is not currently under consideration. The Authority aims to adhere to policies of caution in seizing investment opportunities, especially under temporary global economic conditions. The sustainability of oil prices in the recent period will have a positive impact on the long-term and will contribute to many targeted development plans.

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