An informed source revealed that a meeting was held between a number of officials in the General Administration of Civil Aviation and the Department of the Structure Plan in the municipality regarding the airport in the northern region, during which the Civil Aviation Administration’s advisor made a visual presentation regarding the forecasts of air traffic Forecast, and he disclosed the three-stage plan

Short-term plan and its duration until 2030

The medium term plan extending to 2040

The long-term plan extending to 2050

The representative of the General Administration of Civil Aviation stated that, according to the study of the plan to update the “Kuwait International Airport 2020 Structure Scheme” with civil aviation, an integrated city for air cargo will be established in the area of Kuwait International Airport, as part of the civil aviation vision and strategy to develop the cargo sector in the long term with the possibility of expanding the second station T2 within the long-term plan, and the representatives of the structural plan management were provided with a copy of the plans that illustrate the aforementioned plan, indicating the expansions and future projects of the plan, reports a local Arabic daily.

The source indicated that representatives of the structural plan department were provided with a copy of the consultant’s study to link the project to the metro project and the railway project within the Kuwait International Airport area. The Civil aviation representatives also requested that this study be included in the two projects.

Civil aviation representatives inquired about the inconsistencies in the metro project about a metro station at the site of the new passenger building T2, and a railway station in the new cargo area according to the fourth structural plan of the State of Kuwait and they were explained by the structural plan department.

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