Shafiqa al-Khayyat, chief stratigraphy specialist at the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries said the UNDP team met Sunday morning with the Deputy Director General of the Plant Wealth Sector, Nasser Taqi, and was briefed on the authority’s steps in rehabilitating 5 natural reserves in the north and south of the country.

This was done in cooperation with the concerned authorities, stressing that the team appreciated the submitted projects and innovative ideas, provided that it will visit the Wadi Al-Batin Reserve, to view the achievement and express its observations, if any as the project to establish natural reserves, funded by the United Nations with 4.7 billion dollars that was destroyed during the brutal invasion in 1990 got underway, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Khayyat indicated that the authority made great efforts to rehabilitate 5 natural reserves, namely: Wadi Al-Batin – Al-Khuwaisat – Umm Qadeer – Khabari Al-Awazem – Sabah Al-Ahmad, according to the requirements of the United Nations team, pointing out that the reserves will be cultivated with fungal plants from the Kuwaiti environment, in addition to that the Authority has fenced off the area and cleared it of mines and other remnants of the invasion.

Members of the United Nations team praised the role of the Agriculture Authority in rehabilitating reserves and preserving the wild environment and activating the environment police to educate citizens about the importance of wildlife and preserving it.

They also appreciated the Authority’s role in accurately completing projects in the five reserves, and rehabilitating them with fungal plants from the environment of Kuwait.

The meeting was attended by Eng. Nasser Taqi, Deputy Director General for Plant Wealth Affairs and the General Secretariat of the Kuwaiti Focal Point, from the Land and Marine Environment Rehabilitation Department.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwait Environmental Remediation Program is unique, being one of the largest and most complex environmental remediation projects in the world, due to the technical challenges that exist in these projects.

The program consists of 10 individual projects, aimed at fully treating and rehabilitate Kuwait’s environment from the damage caused by the invasion.

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