The Public Authority for Manpower said in coordination with the International Labor Organization it is seeking to ensure that workers receive end-of-service benefits “by establishing a special fund for workers’ benefits.” 

The source told Al-Anba daily that PAM is working to monitor the experiences in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries that were adopted to ensure that workers receive their entitlements as quickly as possible and to relieve pressure on the judicial system, which receives all complaints related to employment and entitlements, indicating that the discussion is about establishing a fund through which the worker’s entitlements are disbursed, by adopting a system similar to the PIFSS system, where a specific amount is paid according to standards and controls that are being discussed, and is similar to what is approved in a number of GCC countries.

This is done provided that payment is made according to a law from the company through the fund that is being discussed to establish to facilitate business owners and workers and alleviate the issues that arise. regarding allocations and to ensure that everyone who is entitled to receive his/her rights.

The source stated that the fund will not be limited only to troubled companies and institutions, but rather includes all private sector activities, provided that workers’ dues are disbursed through it, explaining that the worker does not contribute any fees for the fund, but rather the business owners because according to the law, they are the ones who will pay the end-of-service indemnities.

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