In the face of the failure of the automated system of the Ministry of Interior for the second time in a week has raised many questions and a sane person wants to know when the series of these malfunctions will stop, and who is responsible.

A local Arabic daily has learned there is a hue and cry from the concerned authorities who fear this phenomenon may have adverse affects on the security system and stressed the need to take adequate measures to protect networks and systems and maintain the confidentiality of information and data from being stolen or damaged.

This came following disruption of the ministry system for the second time in a week, which caused confusion and congestion at the airport and the rest of the ports, amid increasing warnings from officials and technical experts who call ‘this situation is alarming’.

The sources say the failure of the automated system twice within a week was genuine or are there ulterior motives for deliberately disrupting work, including attack of external parties or the so-called hackers?

The sources indicated that the failure of the automated system at the international airport and the land and sea ports is a very dangerous matter, as it may help wanted persons leave the country and those who have a travel ban slapped on them or allow entry of those who are banned, despite the existence of an alternative system that is used when necessary – the system that cannot be fully dependent upon.

The sources pointed out that the international airport and land ports witness a large movement of travelers during the summer season, which calls for taking more measures to ensure that the automated system does not malfunction time and again.

The system failure for about an hour and a half caused queues in front of the passport counters due to the simultaneous arrival of 5 flights.

5 questions that need answers are:
1 – What is the reason for frequent failures in the “internal system”?
2 – Who is responsible for this technical defect?
3 – Is it an active act or due to weak networks and systems?
4 – What are the technical measures to protect information from hacking?
5 – Who guarantees that criminals and suspects do not infiltrate or leave wanted persons?

The sources revealed that the competent security services have begun to discuss the reasons for the failure of the system, find effective solutions to ensure that the matter does not happen in future, stressing the need to strengthen coordination with technicians and engineers to ensure and protect the networks used by the automated system and computer devices in information systems to prevent persons wanted by law from leaving or those barred from entering the country.

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