French Ambassador, H.E Claire Le Flecher stated that the cultural, scientific and educational cooperation between France and Kuwait has been going on since 1969 along with a mutual desire to continue improving these distinguished relations.

She added that this in turn allows the French Institute in Kuwait and the French Research Center for the Arabian Peninsula in Kuwait to enhance the learning opportunities that intensify the French relations with the cultural and scientific community and civil society in Kuwait.

She additionally stated that in Kuwait, the French language has been taught since 1966, and currently nearly 1,000 teachers teach the French language in public and private institutions, pointing out that the regional training program is part of the dynamic of bilateral cooperation, and the primary goal is the re-launch of partnerships, particularly structural projects that allow the development of cultural and linguistic exchanges in Kuwait.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education at the Ministry of Education, Osama Al Sultan, said: “We have several programs with the French government, the latest of which has commenced at Gulf University, noting that more than 40 Kuwaiti teachers are currently enrolled in this intensive course, in addition to about 40 teachers from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt”.

Al-Sultan added that the introduction of the French language in the intermediate stage is still under discussion, pointing out that it needs updating curricula, modernizing teachers, and modernizing schools.

In turn, The Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Gulf University for Science and Technology, Nawaf Arhama, expressed his happiness to participate in the joint educational program with the French Institute and the French Embassy, stressing that culture and education for the university are not only academic degrees, but go beyond that to build knowledge.

He stressed that the regional training course for French language teachers constitutes an opportunity to raise the level of skills and knowledge of the trained teachers using innovative technical methods.

The Director of the French Institute in Kuwait, Benoit Katala, stated that a cooperation agreement was signed last March with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education to enhance the teaching of the French language, which includes introducing the language in seventh grade instead of the 11th grade.

Katala added that the agreement with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education provides at least 10 to 15 schools, to expand the teaching of the French language from the seventh grade, which will begin to be implemented in September 2023.

Followed by the French military attache, Colonel Francois Decas, stating that Kuwait had received 28 Caracal helicopters out of 30, and that the remaining two had been suspended for delivery due to requests from Kuwait.

He stressed that the resumption of aircraft delivery depends on the approval of the Kuwaiti side, noting that the military cooperation between the two countries has been going on for more than 30 years.

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