The French Embassy held a grand reception to celebrate the closing ceremony of the International Day of Francophonie month, at the residence of the French Ambassador H.E Claire Le Flecher.

The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of H H Sheikh Nasser Mohammed Al Sabah along with several distinguished guests and well wishers. Addressing the gathering H.H Sheikh Nasser Mohammed pointed out that the celebration of the International Day of Francophonie had been going on for more than a decade has become a dialogue of cultures in a world heading towards globalization.

He noted that the principles of the French Revolution were a source of inspiration for many Arab thinkers in a world about modernity and originality. HH Sheikh Nasser stated “In our contemporary history, Francophone played an active role in the Arab renaissance movement, as it was a source of inspiration for many Arab enlightenment pioneers. Throughout that period, Francophone was key that Arabs used to communicate with the Western civilization.”

Sheikh Nasser concluded his address that his participation is a reminder for Francophone countries that stood with Kuwait and supported it during the Iraqi invasion, expressing Kuwait’s continuous gratitude to these countries and looking forward to spreading and teaching the French language on a larger scale.

In her address the French Ambassador, H.E Claire Le Flecher thanked H.H Sheikh Nasser Mohammad for patronizing and supporting the Francophonie group, and also thanked the Council for the Promotion of Francophonie in Kuwait.

Francophonie is a movement that adapts and enriches itself with words and expressions from all over the world. It is a broad political and economic space that promotes participation and exchange of ideas and knowledge. It carries common global values that call for peace, access to education for all, and an economy based on participation and sustainable development.

Ambassador Claire also mentioned that Kuwait understood the importance of Francophonie early on and has been teaching the French language since 1966, making French the third most taught language in Kuwait, which is a sign of the strong bilateral ties between France and Kuwait.

She pointed out that there were nearly 30,000 students in both public and private institutions, and nearly 10,000 students that took French at the baccalaureate level each year.

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