Paleontological researchers discovered the remains of four dinosaurs in the valley of “Las Chinas” in Chile, amid estimates that one of them belonged to the genus known as “Megaraptor” or “giant thief” with a huge and massive body.

The “giant thief” is being called a genus of dinosaurs that has large legs. Its fossils were discovered for the first time in Argentina, and it is similar to the genus “Tyrannosaurus”, which is known as “T-Rex”, reports Al-Rai daily.

The nickname “giant thief” was given to this huge dinosaur; due to the ways it relied on it to manage its carnivorous diet.

According to experts, one of the fossils preserved teeth and other prominent parts of the giant animal, as well as a dinosaur of the genus Tyrannosaurus, which is famous for its prominent claws.

These huge, monstrous-legged animals lived between 66 and 75 million years ago on planet Earth, at the end of the Cretaceous period.

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