A beidoun lady, who earlier lived in Kuwait but later made her way to the United Kingdom as a refugee has gone missing since July. Police in the UK now suspect that foul play was involved and are combing the neighborhood where she was last reported.

Hadir Al-Anizi, 26, and her six-year-old daughter made the perilous boat journey to Mitilini on the Greek island of Lesbos, before eventually being granted asylum in the UK and arriving there in November 2018.

She was living in Rusholme, an inner-city area of Manchester, with family before being reported as missing on 2 July. Initially, Hadir’s daughter was also reported missing, but was found safe in London, where her father lives.

Detective Chief Inspector Liz Hopkinson, who is leading the investigation, stated that officers have been working tirelessly on this case for the last few months, and have not found any proof that Hadir is alive, and so are investigating on the hypothesis that she may have been murdered.

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