The Criminal Court has acquitted a former deputy on charges of money laundering worth 188 million Kuwaiti dinars and fraud by selling fake real estate and hotels. However, two expats were sentenced to 7 and 3 years with hard labor on the same charges, reported Al-Rai Daily.

Lawyer Ali Al-Attar had filed a civil claim on behalf of over 360 victims in the same crime. The defendants were accused of committing fraudulent crimes by selling the usufruct rights to fictitious real estate and hotels to affected people through real estate exhibitions licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The defendants also committed money laundering crimes using their personal accounts and accounts of an engineering office and an exchange office to conceal the money obtained from the crime of fraud.

While the former deputy was acquitted, Lawyer Ali Al-Attar stressed that the concerned authorities should take quick and unconventional measures to implement court rulings to track money inside and outside Kuwait to collect fines imposed on the guilty parties as public funds and restore the rights of those affected.

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