Officials in car companies and specialists in charging electric cars interacted with the decision of the Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Ali Al-Mousa to form a committee to set controls for charging electric cars locally, pointing out the need for all concerned parties to cooperate to make the service successful, which will lead to a reduction in the cost of fuel subsidies, and a limit on carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

A local Arabic daily said many company officials have agreed on the importance of looking at the experiences of the neighboring countries that have preceded Kuwait in providing electric charging stations, setting controls that encourage local agencies to provide the service quickly, and solving all obstacles facing them technically, financially and economically.

Director of Marketing at GMC Behbehani Motors, Tony Trintek, pointed to the need to provide electric car chargers in commercial complexes, ministries, cooperative societies, hospitals and government institutions and to determine the numbers of charging outlets in their parking lots, calling for companies to be allowed to import electric cars and selling them in the local market during the coming period, as in the current period it is allowed to import them to Kuwait in the names of people before transferring their ownership after selling them.

Trintek pointed to the need to determine the required fees for the service according to the use of each customer, and according to the terms of “electricity” in terms of pricing the service for the various utilities in the country, and to ensure that the available chargers match the specifications approved in the local market, stressing the need to grant licenses to establish electric chargers companies in the country.

He stressed that many customers are now asking about electric car models and want to buy them, which needs plans to encourage them to buy them by providing the basic services required for their work without any obstacles in the coming period.

On the other hand, one of the owners of an electric charging company in Britain and the European Union, Hamad Al-Hajji, said that the first step for the success of the work of the committee that was formed regarding charging electric cars in Kuwait lies in the cooperation of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy with ministries and relevant authorities in the country in order to determine the conditions required to provide the service in the local market.

Al-Hajji pointed to the need to amend the law to allow the electric charging service provider to benefit financially and resell the service to the owners of electric companies in return for an appropriate financial compensation.

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