Kuwait Foreign residency law intended to combat visa traders

The head of the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee, Saadoun Hammad, said that what has been said about the articles of the foreigners’ residency law, which was recently approved by the committee, is incorrect, noting that the government project was intended to combat visa traders.

Hammad added that the project included tightening the punishment for residence traders, so the punishment for those who trade in human beings is 5 years imprisonment or a fine of 10,000 dinars, reports a local Arabic daily.

Hammad revealed that Article 11 is among the articles that have been misunderstood, as it stipulates that “a foreigner who entered the country with the intention of a visit shall stay there for a period not exceeding three months,” and upon its expiry, he must leave the country unless he obtains a residence permit from the Ministry of Interior and not a year, as was said.

Hammad indicated that Article 13 is also one of the articles that have been misunderstood; which says, “The expatriate is granted a 5-year renewable residency,” some thought that he should leave after 5 years, but the matter is open for renewal, adding, “The matter applies to children of Kuwaiti women residing for 10 years, property owners for 10 years, and investors for 15 years. These residencies are all renewable.”

Hammad pointed out that Article 14 related to the deportation of domestic workers, “It is not permissible to transfer residence without the permission of the employer, and it is not permissible for the domestic worker to stay outside Kuwait for 4 months.”

Hammad concluded saying Article 24 relates to the escape of servants: “The one who shelters runaway domestic workers shall bear the expenses of deporting the foreigner from the State of Kuwait.”

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