The official spokesman for Sahel — the unified government application of electronic services — Youssef Kazem, announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has added a new and exclusive electronic prepayment service for ratifications.

Kazem indicated that this new service launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Sahel allows the pre-payment for ratification of official documents in a fast and secure digital form for the benefit of citizens, foreign nationals or business owners, through their use of the service from among Services (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) listed in the (Services) list within the (Sahel) application for government e-services, reports a local Arabic daily.

Kazem praised the tireless efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to include such a service exclusively through Sahel, which constitutes a distinctive addition that allows users to quickly complete pre-payment processes for ratifications securely through the electronic payment gateway, and the user will also be able to download the payment receipt for his transaction on his smart phone.

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