Dozens of camps for displaced people in northwestern Syria have been damaged by flooding after a heavy storm hit the region late on Saturday.

Torrential rain overnight in the western countryside of Idlib province damaged hundreds of shelters, many of which were recently set up to house the survivors of two February 6 earthquakes. Roads were also impassable in some areas, according to the Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets.

Several shelters were flooded in camps in Hafsarjah and Bishmaroun towns and shops collapsed in Adwan village, an official at the Syria Civil Defence told Al Jazeera. Camps in the western and northeastern countryside of Aleppo were also damaged.

“The torrential torrents caused damage to more than 40 camps, which were set up for those affected by the earthquake, in which more than 700 tents were damaged, a child was slightly injured, and shops collapsed, in addition to blocking a number of roads in cities and towns,” Munir Al-Mustafa, deputy director of the Syria Civil Defence, told Al Jazeera.

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