The General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular yesterday, asking airlines operating at Kuwait Airport to commit to re-operating commercial flights to 6 countries; India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, based on the decision of the Council of Ministers and health authorities, although the date for operating commercial flights to these destinations has not yet been determined, Al Jarida daily reported.

The Director of Air Transport in the Administration, Abdullah Al-Rajhi, said yesterday that Civil Aviation is still in the stage of preparing plans to operate from these countries, according to the available seat capacities, explaining that the official announcement of the operating date will be made as soon as the plans are completed.

The announcement to allow the opening of flights with these destinations is of no value at all unless it is linked to an increase in the capacity allowed to receive them at Kuwait Airport, which does not exceed 7,500 passengers per day.

The source told the daily that the inability of civil aviation to receive large numbers of travelers is a flimsy and illogical argument.  A number of arrivals asked What is the health difference between travelers entering through land border and travelers traveling through the airport.

The sources said to the daily that the decision is mere ink on paper and press statements that are difficult to implement because there are no specific details and clear implementation mechanisms.

The sources argued that the Council of Ministers issued a decision to return government shifts normally, and is the airport not the same as the case of the rest of the state’s authorities that have returned to their normal work? So why the extra strictness.

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