The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior stated a kilo of cannabis and 2,754 bottles of wine, worth 200,000 dinars have been seized by the customs authorities.

Al-Anba quoting security sources said the Criminal Security Sector of the Interior Ministry has taken into custody 5 suspects who were smuggled into the country from a European country.

The arrest came after someone tipped the security authorities that a bedoun and Kuwait citizens were smuggling into the country alcohol from an unidentified European country following which the security authorities got a search and arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecution and caught the two men red-handed and later took into custody three other residents of Arab nationality who facilitated the illegal trade.

The contraband was hidden in a warehouse in Amghara inside reels of cables. The officers also found one kilo of cannabis with one of the suspects. During interrogation they have admitted to trafficking in booze and drugs.

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