The Director of Al-Adan Hospital, Dr. Bader Al-Otaibi said that in the framework of keeping pace with the latest developments and technology in the medical field, Dr. Mustafa Al Mahmeed, Head of the Urology Unit at Al-Adan Hospital, Sunday, performed the first surgery on a Kuwaiti patient using the ILY Robot to fragment the kidney stone.

Al-Otaibi told a local Arabic daily, the operation took less than an hour to break up and treat a 1.5 cm stone, as the surgeon uses a remote ‘joystick’ device, which protects the surgeon from exposure to radiation used during the operation and completes the operation in sitting posture, which relieves joint and shoulder pain for doctors compared to the usual methods that require standing for long periods.

Dr Bader Al-Otaibi explained that this technique is safe and effective, and the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.

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