The first batch of ‘distressed’ Filipino domestic workers have returned to their country, These were the workers who were living in government shelters because of disputes with their sponsors.

The sources told Al-Rai that the Undersecretary of the Philippine Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare abroad, Hans Kadak, who visited Kuwait a few days ago, accompanied by the head of the Foreign Workers Welfare Department, Arnel Agnacio, on the instructions of the Minister of Labor, Susan Ople, confirmed that “there are 421 Filipino workers in the Kuwaiti government shelter.”

She added that “Kadak took with him about 50 workers upon his return to the Philippines on Tuesday evening while Arnel Agnacio will accompany about 100 other workers upon his return, in the event that their travel documents are completed today, and the rest of the workers will be divided into two groups.

The sources indicated that there is an intention to study the possibility of finding a second shelter for workers in Kuwait, in light of the increasing number of workers seeking shelter in their embassy.

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