Kuwaiti firefighters arrived in Istanbul to join efforts to put out massive wildfires.

The Director of Public Relations and Media in the General Fire Force, Colonel Muhammad Al-Gharib, said the force dealt with 81 reports received by the operations room during the past 72 hours, including 40 reports of a fire, 35 rescue and 6 public services reports, until three in the afternoon yesterday.

Al-Gharib indicated to Al-Rai that the force participated in the national celebrations through the prevention sector to display fire protection equipment and the control sector to display the mechanisms and equipment used in fighting fires, in addition to the public relations sector to educate the public through awareness messages on how to prevent fires of all kinds and the use of fire extinguishing equipment and how to communicate with the operating room.

Al-Gharib stated that the force established 14 points in the six governorates for rapid intervention in the event of something bad happening, equipped with human cadres and modern mechanisms.

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