The Criminal Court issued a fine against the director of central prison of KD100 for failing to deliver a number of prisoners serving different terms, including defendants in the prominent human trafficking case, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The case involves a colonel in the Ministry of the Interior and several expatriates.

The court decided to postpone the sessions until next week to ensure the presence of the defendants.  A number of expatriates tied in the human trafficking case had admitted that the officer’s accomplices were paid to bring them to Kuwait but without any jobs. The defendants denied the charges against them, and emphasized that the statements made by the expatriates caught violating the law were an attempt to blackmail their families for money before leaving Kuwait for good.

The Public Prosecution heard the statements of 15 of the victims of the case, who were referred by residency investigation as witnesses. They confirmed that they suffered a great deal from the crime of human trafficking, and that some of them paid more than 55,000 pounds in Egyptian currency, while others paid between KD 1,000 and 1,500 as prices for their residency visas.

Visa trading is a huge issue in Egypt, India and other countries, with many expats complaining about being exploited for money for visas to come to Kuwait but not given any jobs to make a living. The concerned authorities have grown serious in recent years to combat the visa trade, referring those caught to the Public Prosecution, and some of them have been sentenced to imprisonment and a fine.


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