The Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani, said Kuwaiti students who have obtained scholarships to study abroad enjoy the highest financial benefits similar to other countries in the world, and added that “the state has provided them distinguished educational opportunities, and we expect the students to be serious and diligent” in their studies.

Al-Adwani said during the launch of the “Wage Me” campaign for foreign scholarships at the Avenues Mall. The government scholarship program is big and a huge budget has been allocated for the students, so “we launched a campaign worthy of the size of the program, during which we provided guidance to our students, graduates of high schools.

Al-Adwani indicated that the campaign kicked off Thursday, and the officials of the Ministry of Higher Education are at the Avenues Mall during the campaign from Sunday to next Thursday keeping a top on the electronic side of the campaign until the results of scholarships are announced.

He also referred to a coordination meeting that will be held for all higher education institutions to organize a reception for high school graduates, “reiterating his reassurance to the students that educational opportunities are available in all these institutions, both for internal and external scholarships, and the Kuwait University and the Abdullah Al-Salem University and Applied University, for all graduates.”

While addressing the students he put emphasis on being careful in choosing the university, “because it is not only about holding a degree but rather it must be from a distinguished university that the student and the workplace are proud of.”

He also called on the students to be the best ambassadors abroad that go hand in hand with their scholarship regulations.

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