Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic and Investment Affairs Abdulwahab Al-Rasheed.

Finance Minister Abdulwahab Al-Rasheed confirmed that the ministry is currently working to activate the economic and financial reform initiatives included in the government’s work program, hoping to reach the desired results within the specified time frame.

In response to MP Mohalhal Al-Mudhaf’s question, Al-Rasheed explained, “These initiatives consist in rationalizing public expenditures, improving the expenditure budget, reviewing capital expenditures, improving government purchases, developing the national model for subsidies, controlling the wages of government jobs, and developing public revenues. By reviewing public services, improving state revenue collection, strengthening tax administration capabilities, improving customs flows, improving oil revenues, and developing public financial management, reports a local Arabic daily.

He said that the work of the permanent committee is to follow up on reports received from the regulatory authorities and carry out in coordination with all sectors of the ministry, including the sector concerned with the general budget.

With regard to informing the department concerned with the audit of the general budget about the new program, it is worth noting that the new program of work of the government does not differ from the basic components of the previous program, as the current program does not affect the details of the challenge to general budget whenever necessary.

Al-Rasheed indicated that the number of economic advisors is “one”. As for the finance specialists, there are 272 specialists in the public finance sectors within the organizational structure of the ministry there 67 senior financial specialist, more than 100 financial specialists in the budgeting affairs sectors, public storage and general taxation, and other sectors.

The committees and teams that are formed for supervision and follow-up in case of necessity, as is the case in the ministerial committee formed for the purpose of directing and supervising the preparation and implementation of the initiatives listed by government agencies, and the work of the government in the first axis requires the provision of support to those bodies in the first axis.

Al -Rasheed explained that the government’s work program for the current government formation is a talk and detail in the axes and pillars related to the government’s work program for the previous government formation, and therefore this talk does not affect our answer to the previous Parliamentary question, and we have shown in the exhibition of our first question.

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