Government sources revealed that the resignation of Finance Minister Khalifa Hamada, which he submitted to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, opened the door to an upcoming and expected reshuffle in the government, Arabic daily Al Rai reported

The sources confirmed to Al-Rai that “expectations indicate that the cabinet reshuffle will be in the middle of next September,” and that the change could include “between 3 and 5 minister.

Minister Hamadeh “had submitted his resignation in a very secret manner a few days ago” to Al-Khaled, noting that he will continue his work until it is announced that his resignation is accepted or a new government is formed.

According to informed sources, one of the main reasons for Hamada’s resignation is his feeling that he is not a decision-maker on many issues.

The reasons are summarized as follows:

He did not participate, like the previous finance ministers, in choosing the members of the Board of Directors of the General Investment Authority.

An official decision was issued, published in the Official Gazette, to sell a plot of land at an initial value, and a few days later the auction was cancelled.

Decisions related to markets whose contracts have expired have been withdrawn and assigned to a committee from outside the ministry.

He has no significant role in preparing draft laws that address the risks of running out of liquidity, foremost of which is the preparation of the public debt law.

Failure to approve his candidatures to occupy more than one leadership position in the ministry, including the position of undersecretary.

Increasing the complexities of the liquidity crisis without reaching quick solutions.

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