By Ricky Laxa, Staff Writer

A group composed of sixty Filipino bicycle riders in Kuwait were ran over a car driven by an unidentified Arab Friday early morning along the Gulf Road. Twelve were rushed to the Al Amiri and Mubarak Hospitals for treatments, three victims remain in serious conditions.

A group of Filipino bicycle riders on their weekend rides along the Gulf Road were ran over by a car driven by an Arab Friday 4:30 am. The group was headed to meet another group of bikers within KNPC area. A victim and witness to the accident said that they were being tailed by a car and was continuously puffing its gas and somehow it found a gap among riders and rammed its car in the middle of the riders causing the bikers and their bikes flung on different directions and some bikes were even dragged as it escaped.

The car was identified a white Nissan Patrol and plate number was recorded. Twelve were reported injured with wounds and suffered scratched skins. Four of whom are still in the hospitals. Victims includes serious conditions. “One of us is still unconscious amidst bleeding has stopped, another victim had broken ribs causing the lungs to be punctured and will have to go through an operation, while the other one is immobilized as it affected part of his spine” commented the witness. Some have serious skin scratches.

Riders said that contrary to the report of an Arabic news that the bikers were on opposite direction causing the accident was but false. He said that they have ridden on the same route for years and have threaded the right side of where all riders are supposed to track thus always keeping the traffic clear and riders safe. “We have always adhered to traffic rules and mainly the safety of everyone” added the rider.

“Motorbikes and bicycle riders follow traffic protocols such as remaining on the extreme right side of the the road, this is the first time this occurred to the group although a report once did happen but not as massive as this” stated the rider. Report of the accident has been registered to the authorities and details of car including plate number have been submitted. Some reports stated that the driver, a young Arab surrendered yet none of such have been confirmed by authorities to the victims.

The Embassy of the Philippines and Migrant Workers Office in Kuwait have been notified immediately after the incident and officials were present in the hospitals to look into the conditions of the victims.

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