FIFA has suspended Spain’s Luis Rubiales, for planting a kiss on Jenni Hermoso after the FIFA Women’s World Cup final.

Despite winning the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup title, Spain have found themselves embroiled in a big controversy. During the post-match ceremony in the final, Spanish federation chief Luis Rubiales was seen kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips, while on stage.

Since then, Rubiales has received plenty of criticism, which he has vehemently denied, arguing that the act was consensual. But Hermoso, on the other hand, has pointed out that she didn’t give consent and the act was unwanted. For his actions, Rubiales has now been suspended by FIFA on Saturday, from all football-related activities for three months, as it investigates the incident.

In an official statement, FIFA said, “The chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, Jorge Ivan Palacio (Colombia), in use of the powers granted by article 51 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC), has decided today to provisionally suspend Mr. Luis Rubiales from all football-related activities at national and international level. This suspension, which will be effective as of today, is for an initial period of 90 days, pending the disciplinary proceedings opened against Mr. Luis Rubiales on Thursday, August 24.”

“Likewise, the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and in order to preserve, among other factors, the fundamental rights of the national soccer team player Ms. Jennifer Hermoso and the good order of the disciplinary proceedings before this disciplinary body, has issued two additional directives (article 7 FDC) by which he orders Mr. Luis Rubiales to refrain, through himself or third parties, from contacting or attempting to contact the professional player of the Spanish national football team Ms. Jennifer Hermoso or her close environment.

Likewise, the RFEF and its officials or employees, directly or through third parties, are ordered to refrain from contacting the professional player of the Spanish national team Ms. Jennifer Hermoso and her close environment.
“The decision adopted by the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has been communicated today to Mr. Luis Rubiales, the RFEF and UEFA for due compliance.

“The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will not provide any further information on these disciplinary proceedings until a final decision has been taken.

“FIFA reiterates its absolute commitment to respect the integrity of all persons and therefore condemns with the utmost vigor any behavior to the contrary”, it further added.

Earlier, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said that it would support their president. But after the FIFA statement, they have decided to follow the suspension. In a statement, issued before the FIFA move, the Spanish FA said that it would prove there have been lies told about what happened by Hermoso or people supporting her.

The FA also said that it would take legal action to defend Rubiales, who refused to resign as RFEF chief on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Spain women’s team have also mutinied. In a joint statement on Friday, all 23 of the World Cup-winning squad including Hermoso, as well as 32 other squad members, stated that they would not play internationals while Rubiales remained RFEF chief.

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