The head of the Federation of Drug Importers said free treatment for the well-off must stop saying “the state will not be able to continue to provide free treatment services in its current form.”

Faisal Al-Mojil, says the union must must consider setting up treatment criteria, so that those who are well-off bear part of the treatment costs, reports a local Arabic daily.

The state cannot continue to provide free treatment to all segments of society, saying, “the state must place the capable person capable of contributing to supporting his health activity in one way or another. This endless free service is more dangerous for the poor than for the rich. It is not possible to equate an individual whose salary is 600 dinars to the one who earns million dinars per year when it comes to free services.”

He explained that “this stage may not be close after a year or two, but if we expect to reach it after 20 years, we must start thinking about it from today, and put solutions to it, or at least set a timetable to address the issue.”

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