The Ministry of Health (MoH) decided to keep the remaining quantities of the second shipment of the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine, to give it as a second dose to people who received the first vaccination dose in early February, and decided to give the Pfizer vaccine to people who registered on the vaccination platform who wish to be vaccinated in the next few days, Al Jarida reported.

Well-informed health sources said that the ministry’s fears of a delay in the supply of the third batch of AstraZeneca vaccine made it keep quantities of the second shipment, estimated at 129,000 doses, to give it to those eligible for the second dose in the coming days.

Highlighting the abundance of Pfizer vaccine quantities in the ministry, as 14 shipments were supplied to Kuwait from the end of last December until yesterday, the sources stressed that the ministry continues to use the AstraZeneca vaccine, and highlighted its safety and effectiveness in protecting against the Covid-19.

It should be noted that MoH is awaiting the arrival of the third shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine, next week, coming from Russia.

MoH confirmed that exemptions and facilities will be provided to those who are vaccinated with approved vaccines, whether inside Kuwait or abroad.

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