After two years of suffering as a result of state lawyers working without offices due to the overcrowding of their current administration building despite its modernity the Head of the Fatwa and Legislation Department, Counselor Salah Al-Massad, announced a solution to this problem in the form of the government agreeing to allow the renting of an additional headquarters for the Fatwa and Legislation Department in addition to its current building.

Al-Massad told a local Arabic daily, “We thank the government for its response and solution to this problem, especially the Ministry of Finance for agreeing to rent another new building.”

The daily indicated that 50% of the state’s lawyers work every week due to the lack of offices, as there are 1,000 male and female lawyers defending rights of the state as cases are on the rise. The had shed light on this problem and the suffering of workers due to the lack of offices for state lawyers, through a report published in September 2021 under the title ‘State lawyers have been without offices for a year’.

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