Fadia Survive and Thrive has been commemorating World Cancer Day every year since its inception. This year, the 2023 Fadia world cancer day took place on Feb 4th in a public awareness and prevention event at the Boulevard Mall, attended by many volunteers and community parties from various nations.

The main campaign theme of Fadia was “together we can close the care gap in communication and prevention”. Fadia Survive and Thrive is an international cancer patient advocacy association with its main aims and activities revolving around patient advocacy, cancer prevention, promoting and supporting means of alleviating cancer therapy side effects and improving patients and the public quality of life via evidence-based knowledge being put into action.

Fadia Association is a member of the ABC global Alliance in Lisbon and the UICC in Geneva. The UICC, Union for International Cancer Control, is the largest and oldest international cancer organization committed to taking the lead in uniting the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, and it has been leading the World Cancer Day global uniting initiative since 2000.

The Fadia World Cancer Day started by welcoming remarks by Fadia Association’s President, Dr. Rania Azmi, who thanked all the participants and guests of honors, with special recognition of this year’s volunteers who took the lead in raising awareness to the public for the duration of the event. Dr. Azmi further thanked all cancer community partners who support the cause locally, regionally and internationally. “Together we can close the care gap”, said Dr. Rania, especially in simple barriers such as communication and prevention. It is worth noting that the event included also an international online seminar about patients-oncologists communication in collaboration with Onco School in Uzbekistan, besides the training of the Fadia’s volunteers on evidence-based program on awareness and advocacy in cancer. They received certificates of appreciation amid the crowd gratitude of their selfless service in this cause.

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