The CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Saud, has ordered the formation of a fact-finding committee on the court ruling in favor of the Kuwait Oil Company’s workers’ union to determine the reasons for this ruling and the extent of the soundness of the measures taken by the company, within the framework of his corrective directions to follow up on the old suspended oil procedures and files.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Oil Company had approved the implementation of the judicial ruling issued in favor of the company’s employees regarding their entitlement to the housing allowance retroactively for those who did not apply to it, and the consequent financial differences estimated at more than 87 million dinars.

The sources added that the company’s board of directors asked the KPC to provide a promotional budget to start disbursing the allowance retroactively for 5 years to eligible workers, explaining that the KPC approved the implementation of the ruling according to an agreed upon mechanism.

For its part, labor sources confirmed that the Kuwait Oil Union continues to follow up until disbursement, and will continue to defend the rights and entitlements of workers, noting that the executive leadership’s understanding of the legal aspects contributed to accelerating the procedures for implementing the judicial ruling.

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