Following the decision by the Ministry of Health calling on all workers in hospitals, health and specialized centers in health areas to wear face masks in order to maintain the stability of the health situation, health sources said there is an intention to return wearing the face mask in closed public places.

The same sources said the health authorities may issue a decision to make the use of face mask mandatory in the event of a rise in Covid-19 infections, and that will include work places, reports a local Arabic daily.

On the other hand, the daily learned from informed sources that there was a rotation that was prepared a while ago in the Ministry of Health and was postponed due to the resignation of the government, and is currently in the process of waiting for the next formation to be announced.

The sources said that the heads of medical departments in various hospitals will be shuffled pointing out that these departments will see new names meaning new blood.

The sources added there are other decisions awaiting approval by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health concerned with the formation of inspection and control teams for hospitals, medical centers, private clinics and shops practicing medicine in the private sector.

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