Taiwan is an island with a great network of hiking trails. Spanning across coastal views and dense forests, up in the high mountains or down in the valleys, Taiwan’s hiking trails will allow you to see the best the country has to offer. Ready to get fit and healthy this year?

Yushan National Park: Mount Yushan, also known as Mount Jade, is the tallest peak in Taiwan and in Northeast Asia. From the trailhead, you can reach the summit in two days. Spend the night at Paiyun Lodge before starting on this trail which is bucket-listed by most people to see the picturesque panoramic views.

Taroko Gorge National Park: Taroko Gorge is one of the amazing natural wonders of Asia offering plenty of opportunities for adventure seekers. Whether you’re hiking along a turquoise river at the bottom of the thousand –feet-high marble walls or along a tiny path clinging to a steep mountainside, you will come back with stunning pictures and great stories. Quingshui Cliff is the place in Taroko National Park where you can witness the three distinct color tones that make up the Pacific Ocean.

Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area: Driving on the Central Cross-Island Highway up to Wuling Pass, you will find yourself in the ‘saddle’ between two of Mount Hehuan’s most picturesque peaks: East Peak and Main Peak with access to their trailheads. Another accessible and popular leisure hiking trail in the forest recreation area leads up to Mount Shimen, which requires just 30 minutes to an hour to hike and features exceptional views of the Liwu and Hehuan Rivers.

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area: To the west of Yushan National Park is the  Alishan National Forest Recreation Area: Located in the middle between Taichung and Tainan, Alishan’s sunrise is different during the four seasons. Lush green forests that go far beyond, mysterious changing clouds, rushing waterfalls, hillside tea farms and indigenous villages are enough to amaze the tourists.   Alishan can be explored through three main themes. ‘Alishan Highway’ ‘Northwestern Corridor’ and ‘Tsou villages. Early risers will want to book the early morning train to Zhushan to witness the sunrise over Alishan’s famous sea of clouds.  A very popular destination, it offers easy to moderate hiking trails as well as plenty of opportunities for leisure and relaxation.

Jiaming Lake National Trail: One of Taiwan’s other iconic lakes is located at the edge of Yushan National Park. Officially called Jiaming Lake, this glacier-carved lake is also known as “Angel’s Tear which you need to plan as a three-day hike.  This trail is for experienced backpackers only, so you’ll have to plan accordingly with passing over the cliffs.

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