Some displayed drugs at the seminar.
Some displayed drugs at the seminar.

Social media have become a key realm for promoting narcotics and amphetamines targeting youth, an expert warned on Sunday.

Dr. Ayed Al-Hmaidan, an internationally accredited drugs expert, said the dealers share a common goal; increasing intensity of addition for securing the largest number of clients.

“These criminals seek to reach their objective with no regard whatsoever to hazards the drugs cause in the clients’ brain and health,” he said, addressing a seminar held at the Sociology Faculty of Kuwait University, themed “don’t try it.” Dr. Hmaidan cited several reasons for resorting to the drugs; such as weak faith, wrong belief that they enhance physical strength, bad companions, available money for youngsters, traveling with no company of parents or some trusted persons, desire among some students to study for long hours.

Addicted persons should voluntarily seek help at addition treatment institutions. In absence of such will, next of kin and some government authorities can report about the case on the hotline: 1884141 or on the emergency number 112. – KUNA

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