The British expert in programs and project design, and head of the Prosperity and Programs Department at the British Embassy in the country, David Hower, affirmed that Kuwait is an important strategic partner for his country in development projects.

Hower told a local Arabic daily that the Kuwaiti democratic experience is the most prominent in the region, and praised the peaceful coexistence and openness to the other, stressing joint work to encourage Kuwaiti youth to be more positive and engage in the democratic path.

He pointed to Britain’s tendency to support and finance partnership projects between the two countries to achieve joint development in all fields, strengthen bilateral relations and diversify sources of the economy, as well as achieve Kuwait Vision 2035.

Hower explained his country seeks to support and finance Kuwaiti partnership projects — government, non-commercial, investment or private projects, by attracting British experts and benefiting from their skills and experience through training programs and workshops for those wishing to establish projects in certain fields.

This was evidenced by the partnership project between the British University of Cardiff and Kuwait University, to implement a research project that focuses on integrating the efficiency of architectural design, and the use of technology in mosques to achieve comfort standards for worshipers.

Hower pointed out that “the period of application for projects at the British Embassy began on May 29 and ends on June 23,” stressing that “the projects should be related to British-Kuwaiti relations and Kuwait’s Vision for 2035.”

He added, “Projects can include research activities, capacity-building training workshops, and awareness campaigns, and all proposals must be submitted in English,” noting that the embassy funded about 12 Kuwaiti projects last year, and we look forward to financing 15-16 projects this year.

Hower stressed that the most important areas that Kuwait needs to develop are infrastructure, road and transportation networks, in addition to climate change and biodiversity, as rising temperatures in Kuwait are a problem, according to studies, which showed that rising temperatures will be difficult to bear after ten years, stressing the need for Kuwait to seek to diversify sources of income and not rely entirely on oil, in order to improve the economy and not decline in the standard of living and quality of life.

He highlighted 5 conditions for project financing

1 – The idea of the project should be clear and in an important and beneficial field

2 – It should have clear goals and tangible results on the ground

3 – The project should be able to support itself according to certain criteria and a period of time

4 – It should be long-term and contribute to the development of society

5 – The project must include a feasibility study

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