Though the repercussions of the measures taken against the coronavirus has impacted many sectors in the country, it also has had the additional effect of modifying the demographics, as a large section of expats have left the country after enduring mass layoffs, financial difficulties, and salary cuts.

As a consequence of the fallout of the coronavirus, the residency visas of at least 147,000 expats have expired, and tens of thousands have returned to their countries, according to official figures reported by Al-Rai daily. Moreover, the number of expats living in the country before the coronavirus crisis was determined to be 3.3 million, but has fallen to 2,650,000.

The daily said, quoting informed sources, that the total number of expats who have valid residency permits while outside the country is about 365,000, and those whose residency visas has expired is calculated to be about 147,000. After the departure of many and the expiry of residency visas of expatriates who were stranded in countries on a 34 country ban list, and unable to return, the number of those holding valid residence permits is 2.65 million.

The sources noted that the number of residency violators reaches about 132,000 expatriates, and mentioned that at least 40,000 will take advantage of a month deadline extension granted by the Ministry of Interior for December to fix their residency status.

In a similar note, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) are looking into a mechanism to find a solution for disputes between workers and sponsors, and come up with specific recommendations that lead to the lifting of (the block) for the expatriate who are declared absent by their sponsors, after it became clear that thousands of violators have legal problems with their sponsors, which is creating an obstacle for them to adjust their status or given the option, leave the country.

While suggesting that the issue will be resolved in the next few days, the sources indicated that the residency affairs departments in the governorates will work in the morning and evening to facilitate the procedures of those wishing to amend their residency status and benefit from the decision throughout the next month, and that there are plans drawn up to limit the reception of visitors while taking the highest levels of safety precautions, and adhering to the health requirements.



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