In an unprecedented case within the Kuwaiti judicial system, the Criminal Court bore witness to a foreign national confessing to the murder of her daughter. She stated, “Yes, I killed my child because she was the result of a prohibited relationship.”

During the initial trial proceedings involving the accused and her partner, she openly and unreservedly admitted to throwing her child from the sixth floor, adding, “Yes, she was the one conceived from an illicit relationship. I bore her from a forbidden union and threw her from a great height to rid myself of her. Subsequently, the police arrived, apprehended me, and I led them to my accomplice.”

This confession by the accused left no room for questioning or defense from her attorney in the court, as a confession holds utmost weight as evidence.

The court formally charged the accused with premeditated murder, adultery, and engaging in an incestuous pregnancy. Following the confirmation of these charges, she was remanded back to the central prison.

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