A group of teachers who were stranded outside the country and have since returned to the country on visit visas have appealed to the Ministry of Education to come to their rescue saying they now face another problem as most of them have automatically become violators of the residence law.

They say after their residence expired when they were outside the country and could not return on time due to travel restrictions imposed by the Kuwaiti authorities, they renewed their residence permits online and entered the country on visit visas which were to be transferred into work visa later on.

They added, after they began their work they were required to undergo a medical examination and this took longer than one month because they had to complete certain formalities and the some tests had to be redone and they were unable to produce medical results on time as a result of which the 30 days during of visit visa expired and by law they are now required to pay 10 dinars fine for each day of overstay and some of them have already overstayed for more than 10 days.

They say they have to pay fines for no fault of theirs and said, “We hope the Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, and the Undersecretary Dr. Ali Al-Yacoub will end their sufferings and extend the duration of entry visas until the completion of the procedures.”

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