Signs of a breakthrough have begun to appear on the horizon on the issue of paying the end-of-service benefits to expatriate government employees who have either resigned or those who were terminated when the government began the Kuwaitization process in various government establishments.

Many were not paid their end of service indemnities, in some cases for several months. Informed sources told a local Arabic daily that the Ministry of Finance recently deposited money in the account of the Civil Service Commission and the disbursement of end-of-service benefits to expatriates are expected to be paid soon on the priority basis starting from the oldest to the most recent.

The sources indicated that the delay in disbursement came as a result of moving forward with the Kuwaitization policy, which led to an increase in the service of a number of employees being terminated, in addition to the fact that the budget for end-of-service benefits was spent from the budget of the Civil Service Commission.

Due to lack of clarity about the number of employees that the authorities would refer for replacement to be estimate an accurate budget at the beginning of the fiscal year was not available, which prompted the CSC recently to request the Ministry of Finance to include this money into its budget to help it accurately estimate the budget for 2022-2023 according to the circular of the Ministry of Finance.

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