Expat children in Kuwait public schools put pressure on services

A specialized education committee that prepared a technical memo on the large number of expat students allowed to join government schools, has criticized the move saying that it puts pressure on school infrastructure and lowers teaching standards in schools.

The report, which has been submitted to the Minister of Education Hamid Al-Azmi for further review and action, questions the ‘justifications’ behind allowing expats from certain special categories to enroll their children in government schools, which are usually exclusively for Kuwaiti children.

The report points out that some government schools, such as that in Farwaniya, have a large number of expat students, which puts pressure on school capabilities.The report adds that the number of expat children in public schools can be reduced by half if some exempted categories are cancelled. The exempt categories currently include children of expat teachers, workers at the education ministry, workers at the Arab Open University, funeral workers, lawyers and diplomats, as well as children of workers at some educational centers.

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