Despite lawmakers and some in the public constantly bashing expatriates for all the social ills in Kuwait, the number of domestic helpers being brought into the country has steadily increased.

Latest statistics from government sources reveal that just in the one year period from June 2018 to June of this year the number of domestic helpers officially registered increased by 39,285 to total 711,285 domestic helpers.

A country-wise break-up of the total domestic helpers until June 2018 show that the largest cohort were Indians (327,000), 75 percent of whom are male; followed by the Philippines (137,000), 99 percent of whom are female; and Bangladesh (89,000), of whom 98 percent are male. Domestic helpers from Sri Lanka (72,000), with 74 percent of female workers came in fourth spot, followed by Ethiopia (18,000) and Nepal (15,000). The remaining 14,000 domestic workers were from various other nationalities, including from the Ivory Coast (3,500) Madagascar (2,800) and Indonesia (2,783).

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