The expansion project of Al-Adan Hospital has come a long way in terms of achievement reaching 80%, as part of the Ministry of Health’s plans to speed up the pace of completion of health development projects before the beginning of the next stage.

Health sources told a local Arabic daily, that the expansion project of Al-Adan Hospital includes the construction and furnishing of 8 buildings. They are a maternity and children’s medicine and disease building, and has 456 beds in patient rooms, 179 beds in intensive care and two study beds, and 21 operating rooms serving all specialties.

The sources said that the project also includes physiotherapy and rehabilitation buildings, car parks, strategic stores, surgery and central services, and includes 21 operating rooms and 141 mobile beds.

The sources confirmed that the work on the project is progressing at a fast pace, and that the hospital, upon entering service, will contribute to providing health care to patients and visitors with the latest equipment, medical supplies and modern technology, to reduce waiting period and reduce the number of patients sent abroad for treatment.

The sources indicated that the completion rate of the project reached about 80%, after it was 67% in late January, and 72.9% in May, noting that the date of commencement of work on the project was June 28, 2015, and it was scheduled to be completed during last February.

The sources stated that the total bed capacity of the project is 637 beds, stressing the Ministry of Health’s keenness to follow up on the progress of development projects, to determine the percentages of completion and to see the developments of the workflow stages according to the timetable.

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