Losing weight and fat around the belly is no doubt the hardest thing, especially since it is affected by our lifestyle, going out and socializing at night.

Watching your food quality during the entire day, timing of your food intake and choosing the right exercises, are the three crucial things for a flat belly.

I will focus in this article on what you should do at night to get a flat belly in the morning, because what you eat and drink at night has a direct impact on your belly.

First, you need to have an early dinner, that means at 9 pm, and not later than that if you take breakfast early. So I always advise to keep a spare of 10 hours between dinner and the next day’s breakfast. If you are invited for dinner, you need to watch the quality and quantity of your food during the day then choose healthy options for dinner.

Water is very important. Do not neglect that. People can lose weight only by drinking two liters of water a day. Two glasses of room temperature water before every meal flushes all the toxins out of your body, and eases the digestion process.

Find an exercise program that you enjoy, a fat burning one. I advise you to walk on an empty stomach at a pace that alternates between high and low intensity, which makes it a form of interval training. Doing interval training followed by light repetitive weight training has a direct impact on fat and weight loss.

Reduce your juice intake. No need for those extra calories and sugar we take in from juices. Plus, juices have zero gram of fiber and do not give you any feeling of satiety. Soft drinks, even the zero sugar ones, are loaded in gases, which increase bloating and ruin your flat belly shape.

At night, the best dinner to have can be either a multi-cereal bread, baguette or toasts with low-fat cheeses, turkey, crab or labneh, with a bit of olive oil or olives, or a salad with lean protein such as tuna salad, grilled chicken salad, cheese salad and so on, by using a light version of dressing like balsamic, light mayo, honey mustard, lemon olive oil and yogurt dressing.

The best choice depends on each individual and his case. Vegetables can be eaten as much as you want, but avoid the kinds that cause bloating, like cabbage, broccoli, peppers and raw carrots.

After dinner you can have a low-fat yogurt bowl that stimulates your digestive system and helps you burn more while sleeping. Hot drinks such as chamomile, ginger and anise can help in lot in burning your belly fat.


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