The construction projects sector in the Ministry of Works is racing against time to complete 14 construction projects that are being implemented to serve various government agencies, including ministries, to contribute to advance the development and achieving the state’s strategic plan in accordance with Vision 2035.

The head of the planning and follow-up office in the sector, Dr Khadija Al-Mutairi told a local Arabic daily that the combined value of these projects is estimated at 495 million dinars, on top of which comes the New Maternity Hospital project, which is one of the projects in the development plan, and aims to provide high-quality healthcare through the quality health services program for citizens and residents according to international standards, by increasing the clinical capacity of government hospitals, since it is considered as one of the environmentally friendly projects, and was designed according to the latest international regulations and codes, reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Mutairi indicated that the list of projects being implemented includes the project to establish parking lots for the Institute of Judicial Studies and the Criminal Evidences Department, the Hawalli Courts Complex and renovating the Minors Affairs building, as well as the project to establish five commercial centers affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Juvenile Care Homes building and the Ministry of Awqaf building.

She said the list also includes the construction of the General Administration of Facilities Security, the General Administration of Criminal Investigation, the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate building, the National Security Agency building, the central market of Granada suburb, and the Financial and Administrative Affairs building of the Ministry of Interior.

She explained the ministry has already received three projects, including the primary ones — the Ministry of Awqaf, Hawalli Courts and Criminal Investigation, while two other projects are currently being received and they are the National Security and Granada Market, as well as two buildings from the five centers project of the Ministry of Commerce.

And on the impact of the Corona pandemic on projects, Al-Mutairi confirmed that the pandemic negatively affected all projects, and that the ministry at the time took many early measures with the aim of protecting individuals first and ensuring the continuity of work on projects, according to the surrounding conditions and available capabilities, and was also keen on field visits to support work teams in projects and follow-up works to ensure that contractors are committed to completing projects according to a time schedule.

She pointed out that the contractors submitted time claims as a result of their being affected by the repercussions of the exceptional circumstances at that time, and research and studies are underway to decide on them.

Regarding the future plan, she said that the sector has a number of projects ready to be offered, including the Juvenile Court Building, the Northern Audit Bureau Building and other projects that are currently being prepared.

List of projects being implemented
• Creating positions for “judicial studies”
• General Department of Criminal Evidence
• Furnishing the Minors Affairs building
• 5 commercial centers belonging to «Trade»
• Juvenile Nursing Home Building
• Facilities Security Administration Building
• Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate Building
• National Security Agency building
• The central market of the suburb of Granada
• The Financial Affairs Building of the “Interior”

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