Kuwait environment authority monitors red tide, fish death offshores

The Environment Public Authority has warned of a possible fish death and marine life in Kuwait Bay due to the high levels of pollutants and low level of oxygen dissolution in sea water.

The authority’s laboratories carried out a number of field studies and desalination of water in several locations close to the mouth of water sewer outlets, reports a local Arabic daily.

According to the results, it was found that the percentage of pollutants resulting from the sewage increased, which led to a decrease in the percentage of dissolved oxygen, which was confirmed by the Director General of the authority, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad on the sidelines of his first tour yesterday of Kuwait Bay.

Al-Ahmad added that the results of the high levels of pollutants portend the occurrence of fish death  and the red tide phenomenon in the coming days, and called for urgent solutions to preserve biodiversity in Kuwait Bay and to find urgent solutions to the issue of pollutants resulting from rainwater sewage.

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