The Environment Public Authority held a meeting with the Public Authority for Industries to discuss what was mentioned in the submitted proposals, and to clarify the importance of separating food stores from the rest of the industries and homogenizing activities in the sites and taking into account the wind direction, so that the food sector is isolated and separate from polluting industries.

During the meeting the following recommendations were made:

1 – Forming a permanent joint working group between the Environment Public Authority and the Public Authority for Industry to identify suitable locations for food storage, through the following procedures:

— Organizing the existing and future industrial zones.

— View detailed plans and review the distribution plots of land.

— Asking the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health regarding food storage specifications.

2 – Studying the site proposed by the Public Authority for Industry for Food and Drug Security in Al-Shaddiyah area, according to geographical procedures.

3 – Organizing storage sites in the Mina Abdullah area.

4 – Providing the Mina Abdullah area with the infrastructure, sewage and rainwater networks due to the lack of readiness of the basic infrastructure, as the roads are not paved and the sanitary networks are not available and the existing facilities store the sewage in sanitary holes and it is withdrawn and transported periodically.

5 – Allocating an industrial zone for food industries and warehouses equipped with the latest environmental technologies in order to preserve food stocks, taking into account its distance from sources of pollution and its proximity to commercial ports and the local market to facilitate the process of transporting foodstuffs.

6 – That the Kuwait Municipality presents the new sites to the Environment Public Authority to study their suitability, and that the decisions issued are compatible with the activities proposed by the Public Authority for Industry.

7 – Identifying other storage sites in the Shuwaikh industrial area due to its proximity to the Shuwaikh and commercial port, and they are distributed in an organizational manner compatible with its neighborhoods.

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